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Масло Porsche Classic

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Porsche Classic Motor Oil - 20W-50


The Porsche Classic 20W-50 is a mineral oil known as a hydrocracked base oil with mildly alloyed additives. Hydrocracked base oils are characterized by a very low level of contaminants, a very low sulphur content and very good oxidation and ageing stability, which prevents deposits, for example. At the same time, the Porsche Classic Motor Oil 20W-50 has an extremely high HTHS viscosity (High Temperature, High Shear), which describes the quality of the engine oil at high temperatures (150 °C) in the lubricating gap and with high shear rate (engine speeds). Finally, the excellent shear stability ensures that the optimum lubricating properties are reliably retained at high engine temperatures, even after long periods of operation and under high loads.

In a nutshell: low levels of deposits (at both hot and cold temperatures), optimum care for classic engines and excellent compatibility with the special materials found in these engines such as cork seals or leaded bearing shells.

Porsche Classic Motor Oil - 10W-60


Porsche Classic's response to the need for a modern engine oil suitable for classic air-cooled engines.  This oil is designed to meet the lubrication needs of a flat engine, the viscosity needs of a low-pressure oiling system, and the anti-corrosive needs of engines that are used only occasionally.

Porsche Classic's 10W-60 version is an absolute ultra-high-performance oil. Its viscosity guarantees optimum lubrication behavior, both during cold starts and in a hot engine at full throttle. The fully synthetic PAO-based (polyalphaolefin) oil also has excellent properties in terms of evaporation loss, HTHS and shear stability.

Porsche Classic Motor Oil - 10W-50 


Designed especially for the water-cooled four-cylinder and eight-cylinder engines in Porsche transaxle models: Porsche Classic Motoroil. A synthetic high-performance oil with a viscosity of 10W-50, offering superb lubricating and protective properties, with high temperature resistance and very good shear stability in all operating conditions. The engine oil impresses with an excellent cold start viscosity, featuring exemplary flow behavior through all engine components when starting from cold. Engineered in Weissach. Made in Germany.

Porsche Classic Motor Oil - 5W-50


Здесь скорее всего Mobil)


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Другие ответы в этой теме

Еще вроде и присадка в топливо есть, очиститель форсунок такой же и в такой же таре. 

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28 минут назад, Good54 сказал:

Еще вроде и присадка в топливо есть, очиститель форсунок такой же и в такой же таре. 

Да есть. Просто будет немного не а тему. 

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