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Езжу на этой жидкости на обеих Маздах


Описание с сайта Redline и сравнение с другими жижами: https://www.redlineoil.com/content/files/tech/ShockProof%20Gear%20Oil%20Tech%20Info.pdf


Ссылка на сайт производителя: https://www.redlineoil.com/Products.aspx?pcid=8


Использую Lightweight:

Film thickness greater than an SAE 75W140, yet low fluid friction like 80W gear oil or 30W motor oil

Excellent low-temp flow, improved cold shifting

For racing differentials under moderate loads

Popular in racing transmissions like Hewland and other Road Racing dog-ring boxes, Bert and Brinn for Stock Cars, G-Force, and Liberty clutchless for Drag Racing


Unique lubricant with solid microscopic particles offers low drag/high protection

Relatively low viscosity, yet cushions gear teeth under extreme pressure

Helps to prevent tooth breakage, resists throw-off

Avoid use with pumps, coolers, and filters as unique medium and affinity for metal can cause clogging

Designed for wet sump transmissions and differentials with splash lubrication







На Бобойле нашёл такие данные, правда непонятно к какому именно из линейки Shockproof.



Test was done by Blackstone Labs

Aluminium 3ppm

Chromium 1ppm

Iron 18ppm

Copper 1ppm

Lead 3ppm

Tin 5ppm

Molybdenum 596ppm

Nickel 0ppm

Manganese 0ppm

Silver 0ppm

Titanium 0ppm

Potassium 5ppm

Boron 17ppm

Silicon 30ppm

Sodium 66ppm

Calcium 22980(and that is no misprint)

Magnesium 128ppm

Phophorous 1052ppm

Zinc 4ppm

Barium 0ppm

SUS Viscosity@210F 191.1

Flashpoint 410F

Insolubles 4

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