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  1. Amsoil_Penrite It turned out to be a misprint , thank you for your reply hope you have a nice day.
  2. Did the answer from Technical Support came like this "misprint" ?
  3. Amsoil_Penrite Is this just a typoo mistake or is that Amsoil is already prepared for the upcoming ACEA ratings? Look at the black arrow pointing out to A4/B4
  4. IliaP. Fuchs titan supersyn D1 -among other products of Fuchs- it self conciderd a local product, since it made -the oil- by a local company called ALHAMRANI "The Alhamrani Fuchs Petroleum Company is one of the group companies, a joint venture established in 1995 between the German Fuchs Petroleum Company and the Alhamrani Group of Companies" So yeah eventually I'm using a local product.
  5. a-ha Yes indeed, affordable price for a high quality oil.
  6. This analysis carried out when the oil was SN-RC, after 1st January of 2020 (I guess) it's specification had become to API SN+.
  7. Last time when I purchased Fuchs titan supersyn D1 here in Saudi Arabia it was for a 16.6 SAR for a canister with 1 liter if we convert it to Russian Ruble it will be equivalent to 325.6 RUB.
  8. torcon It's written in the MSDS smells slightly Hydrocarbons, I don't know about your gasoline but here shell helix often smells like gasoline.

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