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  1. torcon It's written in the MSDS smells slightly Hydrocarbons, I don't know about your gasoline but here shell helix often smells like gasoline.
  2. Obviously there a mistake in the oil, Suarez is not any more in Barcelona
  3. konung I think I understood your point, I've looked in google what's the "Samovar" is and I found some interesting pictures. It's good to know more about Russian culture. .. As for Lukoil in Saudi Arabia, actually one of our fellows found a bottle of Lukoil Genesis Claritech dexos 2 for a pretty good price. I hope they spread thier business in the region.
  4. ЛУКОЙЛ Смазочные Материалы A sufficient answer, thank you LUKOIL we hope to see more of your products here in SAUDI ARABIA.

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