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    valvoline synpowe 5w30 a3b4

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    Ford Fiesta 6.5 1.4 TDCI 2008

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  1. Hi from Romania I got some SHU 5w40 and tried to chech it. The mirror finish of the canister is present, but the QR Code leads me to shell.com
  2. UNHleaSHD

    Программа защиты от подделок Shell

    Hi. Does this look original? Shu 5w40, Romania.
  3. So.. synpower fe 5w30, has a slight rattle noise from cam the camshaft area at winter cold temperatures. It made it to 8kkm. Now i have synpower 5w30 a3b4 - a bit quieter. I need to change it and i am looking at shu 5w40. Any other recomandations in the same price range? I need something for protection (camshaft shitty material) and noise so no ford spec needed. Ty
  4. I know w75/3 fits diesel engines, but I do not recommend that to my clients. I just wanted to know which on is the best option for logan petrol and diesel. Is it MANN, Mahle, Renault, Purflux? I always strongly recommend Mahle, and I use only Mahle (f0rd), but since I discovered Purflux I am a bit undescided. I use google translate.
  5. UNHleaSHD

    Yacco - антифризы

    Best german antifreeze producers: HEPU, Caramba and TeeGee. I am reluctant in putting in again Yacco. I sense that they have expensive products which don't worth the money. Althou, I have Yacco 90R DOT 5.1 hydraulic brake fluid, Yacco BVX 1000 75W90 manual transmision oil for the gearbox and also had Yacco Lube F 5W30 (big dissapointment). Oh! And for the steering I used Wolf VitalTech MultiVehicle ATF .I think i'm going to change all of them this summer, to something else.
  6. UNHleaSHD

    Yacco - антифризы

    Hepu ain't cheap.... What do you think about Caramba or TeeGee, then?
  7. UNHleaSHD

    Yacco - антифризы

    Hepu? One of the best antifreeze producers in the world, not good? Why should I change Hepu G12 for Yacco LR Organique?
  8. Same thing.. Same prices or a bit cheaper for mahle. So I want to know which is better :) Also, what's the problem if you use w75/3 on a diesel engine?
  9. I don't know... Just that Romania is full of Dacia Logan and I sell auto parts.. so I want to sell the best filters :)
  10. UNHleaSHD

    Yacco - антифризы

    I have new, fresh antifree Hepu G12. I was asking about Yacco if it is any good.
  11. UNHleaSHD

    Yacco - антифризы

    What? Distilled water ain't good in the winter.
  12. UNHleaSHD

    Yacco - антифризы

    I had this in my Fiesta 1.4 TDCI Euro 4. But lost it due to a loose hose. Is it anygood? Or should I use HEPU G12 antifreeze?