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Super Edge offers a full range of lubricants as its core business and provides customized solutions for various markets and customer needs. We supply affordable lubricants according to customer’s specific requirements without compromising superior quality and value. We are fully committed to product quality and customer service. Super Edge develops, supplies and export all ranges of lubricants across the globe. Started in 2014, Super Edge, set out itself to be a reliable supplier of high quality Lubricants in the Industrial, Marine and Automotive segments and Spare Parts for commercial vehicles.

Super Edge is a trusted name in the various market spheres. We have successfully established our Infotech Services and Solutions. Super Edge is also a leading trader of Building Materials Business with having expertise in Designer Ceilings and walls. Our most popular designer ceilings and walls project is Dubai Standards which is a trusted name in the market.

For leading industrial units, fleet owners and workshops, Super Edge is one of the most trustworthy suppliers of Lubricants and auto parts. Why? Because we understand the importance of keeping the machineries and fleet in top notch condition and urgency of repairing and maintenance. Hence we offer high quality products at very competitive prices, provide exceptional service and deliver to the doorstep as fast as possible.


Our products range includes high-performance Industrial & Automotive Lubricants and Marine Lubricants ,Greases, Transformer Oils, Rubber Process Oils, White Oils, Heavy and Light Liquid Paraffin as well as Petroleum Jelly.

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Introduction to Lubricants , What are there Roles and Benefits ?

Lubricants Lubricant is a substance that reduces friction and wear between mutually contacted surfaces, which ultimately reduces the heat generated when the surfaces move. A lubricant can be in solid, liquid, and gas, or even semisolid (grease) forms. The liquid lubricants can be classified based on the base oil from synthetic/semi-synthetic, mineral, or environmentally acceptable (biodegradable) oils. Each of these engine oils has a different composition: the base is either refined cr

abdullah gilani

abdullah gilani

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