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Вопросы в официальную тех поддержку Amsoil International

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Решил создать эту тему, так как частенько задают вопросы, ответы на которые может дать только Оф техподдержка Амсойл в подразделении Amsoil International. 

Если есть какие-то вопросы, можно писать сюда. Я буду их адресовывать на английском языке в оф техподдержку. 

Есть ответ по вопросу относительно эстеров в масле European Car Formula 5w-30 I-ESP. 

AMSOIL maintains formulation details as proprietary and does not divulge specifics regarding the type of synthetic base stocks used in its synthetic lubricants. AMSOIL developed the world’s first API-qualified synthetic motor oil in 1972 and has remained the leader in the synthetic lubricant industry by continually researching new technologies and demanding only the highest-quality raw materials. As the company moves forward with new technologies it is increasingly more important that this information remains proprietary. AMSOIL views synthetic base oils the same as it views additives, with each having its own set of unique properties. AMSOIL does not insist on a particular type of base stock, but insists on particular performance parameters. AMSOIL chooses whichever synthetic base stock or combination of base stocks delivers the desired result and tailors its lubricants to be application-specific (gasoline, diesel, racing, transmission, gear, extended drain, extreme temperatures, etc.). At the end of the day, the type of base stock used to formulate the oil is inconsequential; the product’s performance is what matters.

Thank you,
AMSOIL Technical Services
Tech Line: 715-399-8324
Email: tech@amsoil.com

Если кому-то очень нужно, то могу передать смысл ответа))

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Другие ответы в этой теме



Thank you for your reply.


The AMSOIL XL 10W-40 (XLO) quart and gallon labels are showing ACEA A4/B4, when they actually should show XLO to meet ACEA A3/B4 requirements.  I brought this to the attention of our Product Manager in change of the engine oils.  They will be correcting this label error for the next batch of labels.


The information that is on the data sheet, and online, is correct.  If any customers are inquiring about the specifications XLO meets, please refer them to the data sheet or our information online.


We hope this is helpful.


Darryn Wallace

Technical Service Representative II


Phone:  715-392-7101 ext. 6094

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которого цвета антифриз?

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без вопросов в тех поддержку отвечу - розовый. 

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