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Hi all, доброе утро !



I am sorry, I live in Sweden so I don't speak russian ... I hope some people speak english here :)



I've just bought a 2003 Hyundai Santa Fe with a manual gearbox, and I want to change its fluid.


The Hyundai recomandation is 75w90 GL4 but I live in Sweden and the swedish manual gives 75w. I am very disappointed with those 75W...


The lowest temperature here is -30°C (-22°F). I have also check the russian recomandation: it is also 75w90 with the same (or worse) lowest temperature.


I understand the 75W will have a lower viscosity at lower temperatures, but the optimal viscosity in running operation will also be divided by 2 !


According to this article: http://www.engineersedge.com/gears/gear_lubricant_characteristics.htm


I should stick to a 75w90 with a pourpoint lower than -35°C (-31°F), and not put a 75W ...


So why a 75W ? because in 2003 there was no synthetic 75w90 with low pourpoint ?



So what do you think is the best, 75W or 75w90 with a low pourpoint ?



Thanks ! спасибо !

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Guest Gubkin

So what do you think is the best, 75W or 75w90 with a low pourpoint ?

Don't Matter. Because all 75w have same same viscosity at -40C

Use original 04300-00110 or 04300-00140

ZIC G-F 75W-85 GL-4

or another

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Guest Gubkin

I have planned to use Castrol Syntrans Transaxle 75W-90

Bad idea, because manual gearbox need 75w-85

see example upper

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The SF 1 russian manual from 2001 to 2006 give 75w90: http://hyundai.com1.ru:8041/WWW/Santafe/SFManualrus.zip




The SF 2 russian manual give 75w85: http://hyundairu.com/assets/santafe%202010.pdf





But those Hyundai oils are not synthetic and I have no informations about them, so I prefer switch to synthetic oils. So I compared the 2 synthetic Castrol 75w85 and 75w90 Transaxle:





The cold temperature viscosity is quite the same, only the hot viscosity is different. My problem with the Castrol 75w85 is that it seems available only in Russia... Not listed in Germany or Sweden...

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For hyundai MT factory is recomend 75W85 GL4 oil, or 75W80 if you dont make find 75W85.



04300-00140 or 404300-00110


75W85 GL4 RAVENOL MTF-1 100% Synthetic Oil



If you're going to use oil 75W90 there may be a problem with the gear shift until the oil warms up ... I was so when I used Castrol 75W90

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Which 75w90 ?



@ Low temperature



The problem with the SAE grades, is that there are too large to describe the real viscosity of the oil.


For example, lets graph 4 oils, same manufacturer:



- CASTROL SYNTRAX UNIVERSAL PLUS 75W-90: http://msdspds.castrol.com/bpglis/FusionPDS.nsf/Files/1A3697364D166E73802578330059B9B3/$File/BPXE-8E2UVT_0.pdf


- Castrol Syntrans Transaxle 75W-90: http://msdspds.castrol.com/bpglis/FusionPDS.nsf/Files/EC84FE6106F9401C8025790A0066B142/$File/BPXE-8LRA39_0.pdf


- Castrol Syntrans 75W-85: http://msdspds.castrol.com/bpglis/FusionPDS.nsf/Files/037F653E1B01E4DD80257B8D003580D7/$File/BPXE-98RPND.pdf


- Castrol Syntrans B 75W: http://msdspds.castrol.com/bpglis/FusionPDS.nsf/Files/C24EBEA9C4433E1A8025790A00656DAF/$File/BPXE-8LR9LH_0.pdf






As you can see, if you chose the SYNTRAX UNIVERSAL PLUS 75W-90, the low temperature real viscosity will be far over the Castrol Syntrans 75W-85, but if you chose the Castrol Syntrans Transaxle 75W-90, you will have the same low temperature profile, not so far the 75w...



So, SAE grades like 75w85 or 75w90 is not enough to describe a low viscosity performance... For this reason, I will not choose the Hyundai or Ravenol MTF-1 oil, because they don't give their V40 an V100 needed to graph a real viscosity profile... I will only choose between oils for which I have theese informations... Castrol give them for example.



@ Running temperature


My original question about 75W vs 75W90 was not concerning the low temperature performance, but the running temperature.


The 75w has a low 100° viscosity, about the half of a 75w90, so I was wondering what about the concequences of using a thinner oil film at running temp on those gearboxes.

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I change the oil one week ago with Castol Transaxle. The shifting a 0°C is very good, better than with the old 75W inside. To late to see at -30°C :)


A sample in on the lab way, and i will post the VOA here.

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